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Kenai is a company born from the desire to do good in the environment by improving the land and  waters we live, work and play in. With fond memories of gathering kaimoana to host family and friends, from the rocks that the directors family have visited regularly over the past four generations, Caleb wants to ensure that the resource remains in good shape to continue to provide for the future generations of his whanau. To ensure this happens he started Kenai Limited to contribute in a positive way to a better Aotearoa. 

Caleb was born in Alaska while his Kiwi parents were working on the northern slopes. Our company name pays tribute to this whakapapa as Caleb was born in Central Peninsula Hospital by Dr M. Deede in Kenai. Kenai is pronounced Ki – nai or Kee-ny and is a city in the Kenai Peninsula in the U.S. state of Alaska. It is one hundred and eighty-seven miles south from Anchorage, the largest city in Alaska.  At the age of one, Caleb came home to Rotorua, where his parents were born, with whakapapa to, Ngati Kahungunu and Ngati Porou.


Caleb  grew up in Rotorua where the family owned and operated business in the forestry sector was based. He soon grew a passion for all things outdoors, before heading off to the university of Auckland to further purse his passion in Environmental Science. His up-bringing is held close and shines through in the way our company operates:  

  • Hospitality, kindness, generosity, support    - Manaakitanga

  • Doing our best to protect our environment   - Kaitiakitanga

  • Building genuine, meaningful relationships  - Whanaungatanga

​Kenai is a new company that comes with a diverse background, based on the fundamental knowledge and expertise that we’re able to leverage in both the in physical works space and specialist management space. Our company and our people come with a fresh and modern mind set on partnership delivery models and delivering infrastructure for a better Aotearoa. We are known for our agility, partnering and getting the job done.

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