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Join us on our Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Journey

Kenai is dedicated to achieving success in our projects while also ensuring a positive and sustainable impact on communities and the environment.


We are committed to improving the communities we work within by offering local employment and upskilling whenever possible. 


When pitching for contracts or purchasing machinery, we willingly choose the long-term gains of including ESG in our decision-making, regardless of the added expense to Kenai.

As part of our SEG commitment, we will regularly share our plans and show evidence of our success.

Have a look at some of our ongoing efforts and accomplishments.
Road Construction

Our ESG Achievements

Capital expenditure

  • HYBRID VEHICLES – Kenai chose Toyota Hybrid utes for its fleet, providing a 10% improvement in fuel efficiency.  

  • ELECTRIC EXCAVATOR – We chose the JCB 19C-1E Mini Excavator because it is suitable for urban job sites and noise-sensitive and emissions-sensitive environments such as hospitals and schools.

Wallaby Containment Fence

  • BUYING LOCAL – As part of a 13km wallaby containment fence project, we chose New Zealand-made fencing wire over imported wire.  

  • RENUABUL FIRST – We used local timber rather than imported steel waratah posts.

  • SOLAR ENERGY – We are saving over 400kg of carbon per month from deploying solar energy to power site offices.

  • REUSING WATER – Water that would ordinarily be treated as waste is reused, minimizing the ecological impact on the environment. 



  • REUSE NOT WASTE – Instead of dumping, we put 200,000 tons of material back into the project, saving over 7,000 truck trips and 520,000kg of Co2 emissions.

Our ESG Achievements
Engineer Looking At Blueprint

ESG in progress

  • SOLAR POWER – Choosing renewable energy for all projects

  • GREEN TRANSPORT – Prioritising Green Taxis and Green Uber

  • REDUCED FREIGHT CARBON EMISSIONS – investigating options for sourcing more materials from the nearest suppliers

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