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Our Vision

Our Vision

Kenai is a unique player in the construction industry, guided by Environmental Social Governance (ESG) principles. We are committed to using our position to drive positive change for the people of New Zealand. Our approach to ESG is not just a strategy, it's part of our identity.  

At Kenai, we understand there are cost implications for ESG. However, we firmly believe that by taking small steps now, we can make significant strides in the future. We are proactively improving our practices, ensuring that what we build addresses global challenges and benefits future generations.


We are engaged with expert partners who help us identify risks and guide us to positive ESG outcomes.

We are:

  • Creating programs to reduce or remove negative ESG metrics

  • Identifying, recording and reporting our key ESG metrics 

  • Committed to driving positive ESG outcomes, accepting if can mean the cost is borne on the bottom line.

  • Working to provide our clients with tangible ESG proof points, including reporting on the return on investment for stakeholders and communities.


Improvement is a process

We are addressing the continuous demands of ESG through a multi-focused strategy.

  • SHORT TERM – Make quick wins by starting with changes that have the most significant benefit and least resistance (time/cost)

  • LONG TERM – Systematic improvement with set long-term goals, including positively influencing change nationally across the supply chain for our clients and suppliers 

  • COMMUNICATIONS – Publicly sharing our evidence-based learnings to build momentum for stakeholders.

We believe early engagement with all stakeholders, suppliers, subcontractors, and local communities is the key to helping construction companies excel at ESG.


Let's discuss your next future positive project. 
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