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Sustainable Outcomes

Sustainability at KENAI Limited


Sustainability lies at the heart of all we do. Our approach aims to drive change in our communities and provide KENAI with a lever to achieve better outcomes. This means employing staff and using sub-contractors and suppliers with a commitment to supporting big -picture outcomes. KENAI focus our sustainable efforts across these strategic areas-


Waste minimisation:

Our Waste strategy sets out our future direction for the way we operate. We actively track our waste streams. The most benefit of reducing waste and, identifying opportunities for upcycling and reducing carbon are best done at the design and planning stages of most projects through collaborative working and Early Contractor Involvement (ECI) with KENAI Limited.  We ensure end-of-life solutions are provided to clients. Longer lasting circular solutions provide value and better outcomes. This model encourages KENAI and its clients to maximise the value of the asset across its life cycle.

Sand Sifting

Climate Change:

Our climate change strategy sets out our future direction to operate a low carbon organisation Our climate change policy communicates to staff and suppliers what is expected of them to contribute to our climate objectives each year. We use the Climate action tool box made available to us as a Sustainable business network (SBN) member.

Forest Trees

Carbon footprint reduction:

We have a range of projects that support KENAI's ambitious carbon reduction targets: Record and track our carbon footprint, Reduce infrastructure carbon by 40% in the projects we work on, Commit to purchase/hire low carbon producing machinery, Provide options to offset the carbon footprint of the works we undertake.

Planting a Tree

Energy Improvement: 

Energy is a part of our operations and carbon footprint. KENAI wants to be a leader in energy management. Our energy policy sets out expectations for staff and suppliers in energy management.

Sustainable Energy

Protecting the environment:

We aim to minimise the impact of our activities and contribute to the restoration of our clients’ environment. From recycling and composting, to restoring habitats, we aim to work hard to enhance nature and protect biodiversity.


Memberships and collaboration:

KENAI is an(SBN) Sustainable business network member that enables system change in the areas of climate, waste and nature. We’re a partner in social enterprise, a community and a movement that transforms ideas into action in Aotearoa.

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